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Lucille Crew
Genre: Hip Hop / Funk / Groove

Lucille Crew is a Tel Aviv based, international groove collective. led by producer & founder Isgav Dotan.

The crew fuses elements of Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Balkan and mediterranean influences and essentially - All that's good in music. 

Lucille Crew' is the music equivalent of a massive truck, running at you in full speed. packed with killer vocals, sizzling rap flows and flaming horns section. Backed by heavy beats, deep bass and an always kicking production.


Throughout their career, Lucille Crew has been hitting main festivals around the world & sharing stages with headliners such as: Mac Miller, Mano Chao, Prodigy and more.

All while collaborating with whoever inspires them. From a wide range of rappers and vocalists on stage, to animation artists and graphic designers in their signature music videos and artwork.


Lucille Crew’s latest album 'SLOWBURN' was released in March 2020, just before Covid hit and its tour was shut down after only 2 shows. Which didn’t prevent the album from reaching over 1M streams on digital platforms.


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