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Gal De Paz 
Singer / Songwriter
Genre: Rock, Blues, Soul, Country, R&B

Gal De Paz is a Singer, Songwriter, Pianist, Actress and the lead vocalist of international bands - The Paz Band and Lucille Crew.

She’s been performing since she was 10 years and even performed in the Israeli Opera. 

Throughout the years, Gal has performed in LA, came back to Tel Aviv, released 9 albums with The Paz Band and Lucille Crew and crossed paths with big names such as Aerosmith, Beth Hart, Mac Miller and more…


Gal De Paz bring with her music vocal qualities and artistic standards in a way that is reserved to the greatest and all while leading an uncompromising musical and professional career. 


Gal’s musical influences vary from Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin, through Aretha Franklin, Carol King and Randy Newman, and all the way to Beyonce and Lady Gaga.


Her new album ‘UNCOVERED’ is a trip back to the fundamentals of Gal De Paz’s music

Stripped down renditions of her songs, served flawlessly by Gal, her Piano, 3 wonderful female vocalists and dripping with Gospel, Soul, R&B and Country.


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